Macrochamps sémantico-fonctionnels des énoncés mono-, bi- et polysynonymiques mono- et polytransformationnels dans la prose française contemporaine


  • Anastasiia LEPETIUKHA Université pédagogique nationale Grygoriy Skovoroda de Kharkiv



mono-, bi- and polysynonymic mono- and polytransformational utterances, microfield, semantic-functional macrofield


In this article mono-, bi- and polysynonymic utterances with different key lexemes are studied in the continuum language → discourse, based on the transformations of the virtual primary structure within the semantic-functional macrofield (SFM), which are actualized in the form of compressed, extended or quantitatively equacomponential grammaticalized and agrammaticalized co(n)textually pertinent preferential options. The processual, resultative, substantive, processual-characterizing, resultative-characterizing, non-processual-characterizing and non-resultative-characterizing microfields are distinguished. At the level of the SFM, on the one side, the intersection and the interpenetration of semantically and structurally nuanced microfields is realized; on the other side, SFM cross and interact in case it is about mono- or polytransformational bi- and polysynonymic structures with the immediate succession of synonymic constructions referring to the same action subject; the SFM of polytransformational bi- and polysynonymic preferential options with synonymic segments referring to different actants have no point of intersection.