La relation d’inclusion semantique: dysfonctionnements textuels et strategies d’optimisation didactique


  • Moulay Mohamed TARNAOUI Université Ibn Zohr
  • Sidi sidi Mohamed HAMDANI Université Ibn Zohr
  • Hassan HASSOUN Université Ibn Zohr



anaphora, textual dysfunctions, hyperonymy/hyponymy relationship


This study focused on the anaphoric dysfunctions of inclusion of meaning noticed in Moroccan learners of French as a Foreign Language (henceforth FLE) during a written production. These textual deviations, taken as a learning strategy,
disturb the reading and interpretation of the text and generate real writing problems requiring pedagogical interventions. There is no doubt that the cohesion marks have an important functional role in the text since they ensure the connections and thus participate in the organisation of the linguistic content to be transmitted. Once these textual defects have been listed, identified and analysed, our main objective has been to suggest to the teacher the necessary didactic paths and tools so that the learner can avoid these deficits relating to the hyperonymy/hyponymy relationship in his or her future productions.