Concept théorique et méthodologique de l’étude des toponymes français


  • Olga PEZHYNSKA Université nationale pédagogique V. Hnatiuk de Ternopil



theoretical problems of onomastic, historical method, etymological analysis


The theoretical and methodological concept of the research starts from the fact that a set of toponymic elements, a combination of real facts and the relationship between them are subordinated to the principle of systematicity.
For its implementation, the historical method is used, according to which the peculiarities of the historical events, the economic and ethnic status of the population and peculiarities of the locality are analysed etc; the primary significance of the toponyms, the reasons for their motivation, the historical conditions of their origin and development are revealed through the etymological analysis; the most productive toponymic bases, their variability, the structural types are established by the word-formation analysis; the inductive and deductive methods are used to promote the theoretical hypotheses and generalizations.