A Linguocultural Approach towards the Study of Latin Medical Terminology


  • Ivanna Ivanivna VORONA I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University




linguistics, intercultural communication, Latin medical terminology


The issue of significance of the Latin language as an international language of science is presented in the research. It is established that Latin language is an instrument of professional intercultural communication of physicians all over the world. It is emphasized that Latin language classes, filled with humanity content, promote the development of brain building, the creativity of an individual. The influence of ancient myths on the formation of medical terms, which today are still used in many languages, is investigated as well. The semantics and cultural significance of the existing Latin medical terms, which are of mythological origin, are studied. For centuries, mythological images have helped a person to develop knowledge in art and science. Despite the fact that the echoes of mythological knowledge are found in almost any field of science, the terms from the arsenal of the mythology are used in medicine most of all.